The Monday Marquis Motivator

Do you wake up to an “alarm clock” or do you wake up to an opportunity clock on Monday or any day for that matter? Mondays make us start our week with a design or a default in our actions, routines, habits and patterns of behavior. Do you mix it up a bit, or just go through the motions?  Living your life by intended design and intended creation is a challenge to all of us, every day in every way. Do we take that serious enough to make the difference, be the change, get back on the horse, get back on track for another day.  Yes, we have to, it’s worth it. This is your life, are you an extra in your own movie or are the main character?  Balance, motivation, harmony in all relationships is a balancing act, art and worth the skill development.  Make your Monday meaningful, make it count! It’s all starts with a slight change of perception of “how do I want this day to go”  It’s Your day! Be Motivated to own it! EMR

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