Develop Better Skills When Times are Trying!

If success was easy, didn’t require discipline, everyone would be successful. What is your right frame of mind to keep you moving forward? If I changed one action or created one small new disciplinein my life, how much of a compund affect would that have for me in the future? For example: If I drink a cup a coffee a day with 2 sugars & 2 creams, and then I started to drink leass coffee with only 1 sugar & 1 cream over 365 days what compound affect would that have on my body, mindset, self discipline and the environment for that matter.? If I complimented someone before I critizedthem, how would that influnce my daily perception of that person?  Food for thought on your next coffee break. If I expect the best, give the best, show the best, I think the best will start happening more in my life! Let’s call it the Law of the Best:. 🙂  EMR

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