Success is a Choice

What do you choose for your Life, “success” or let’s see what happens?  I choose to constantly connect with people in my life, my business, my pursuits, my dreams and my goals. Are these constant choices/contacts moving  me forward or not? What difference does it make, really? All the difference in the world!  Do I choose to live in a purpose driven existence, a passion for action or just re-action?  Do I find joy in the journey or play it safe?  I believe the world loves the risk takers, the movers & shakers, ( in a good way, eh!) I choose to be happy for other people’s successes as well, not just my own. It’s great to be in the parade of Life and also to cheer others along their route, because we are all in it  together, today & tomorrow. EMR    Your Call!?  How Good Do You Want IT!?

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