What motivates You?

Everybody is motivated a bit differently from time to time. One has to truly ask themselves: What Motivates me?  We are all creature of habits, both good and the not so good. Are my habits motivating me in the direction I want, the results, I seek ?  Are my motives  moving me, inspiring my actions or am I just just going through the motions of another day? Look in the mirror, what motivates you? Am I motivated for a quick return or delay of gratification for a far bigger reward? Daily  motivation is paramount, if you want to bring forth change in any direction or circumstance in your life.  Try to motivate some one else to do something. How far do you get?  Motivate by example. What you focus on, motivate towards start the alignment process of action.  Always Be You! Be Motivated!  How Good Do You Want to be Motivated?  Edward Michael Raymond

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