Create a New Paradigm!

What is a paradigm? A  Paradigm is a pattern of collective habits of us doing a certain thing that repeats itself, gets played out over and over again, simply put. If we keep getting the same results in our lives, we have to look at all our habits, paradigms and reflect on why we do things that way. Some paradigms, habits, beliefs about certain ways of doing things have been so engrained into us, we don't even realize they are happening. It might just seem normal, "that's the way it's always been" If you want something new, a different approach, a new result towards something you've had before, nor done before. Shift your paradigm or create a new one. Create a new habit, new ritual, new way of thinking about something, a new strategy. When you feel a discomfort, you know the old paradigm is kicking back in to get played out to what your use to, comfortable with. It's like working a new mental/emotional muscle. Just keep working at it, striving towards that change, those new results you want. It's worth it! If it's meant to be, it's up to you to create that new paradigm. You and only you have to do it. Plus, creating something new is fun and challenging, isn't it! You are born to create. What new paradigm are you creating today? Have a great shifting Paradigm kind of day! eh! EMR

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