Monday – Your Definiteness of Purpose!

Make it Monday, make it meaningful. What is your definiteness of purpose? What elements of freedom are you bringing to your life? Are you making the world, your nation, your neighbourhood, your community a better place? What are your bringing to the table of Life? Are you looking for, creating the circumstances that you want, desire in your daily life? Reacting or responding? Delivering the goods or just being indifferent? What’s in it for me? Think less of yourself and give a hand up, not a hand out to someone else! Project, protect the passion of your purpose with a clarity that resonates a 100% definiteness to the best, the good, the worthiness that is in you. Have a servants heart, that’s a good place to start. One of the Great Greek Philosophers Socrates said: “Know Thy Self”  Do you know your self?

The person in the mirror, do you get glimpes of the person you really want to be?  If it is meant to be, it’s up to you! Be the change, be the voice, be the presence of the better, the best. If I’m doing, trying my best, and expecting the best, then I think I would attract the best, or close to it! Give it a try! Be your best, look for the best in others, in your family, friends, humanity and see the spark of the divine that permeates all that is! The universe is constantly expanding are you, and I don’t mean at the waistline? 🙂  EMR

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