State of Awareness

Your level of awareness will enhance your state of success. How successful do you want to become? How healthy do you strive to be? How involved do you want to be in society?  At what level of awareness am I operating at? The more I learn, try, experiment, fail, fumble, pick up, try again, sharpen the saw, the more awareness I will have for any endeavour.  Loose that sense of inertia to get started and just jump into it. Sometimes we all think ourselves out of it, or why, or what if it doesn’t work out. What do you have to loose if you tried something new in comparison to where you are exactly at in , right now today?Read more, act more, do more, try more, laugh more, and have fun while doing it more. The more you become of aware that you have the control to intentionally be more creative, you can design your life accordingly to your higher state of awareness, and be persistent! Attract  awareness.  EMR

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