Ultimate Freedom – Your Own thoughts!

What is  one freedom you have ultimate control over? Your thoughts. You may be influenced, persuaded, debated, encouraged or discouraged but at the end of the day, what you think about is your own doing. Be strong with what you think about, how you think about things, in your life, your work, your relationships. Your thoughts will inspire your actions or in-actions for that matter. Some of the great writers of times past have always said, “what you think about-you become”  Writers I enjoy: Ralph Waldo Truine, James Allen, Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino,  Brian Tracy to name a few. We all stand on the shoulders of giants and each of us has a unique kaleidoscope of our own personal thoughts. When we couple our thoughts with inspired action and intentional designs of our days, what is truly possible!? We have a thought choice by way of our choosing to think in certain ways. The more we become aware of our “habits” of thoughts or”paradigms” of thought patterns, then we can start to change them, if so desired for different results and more meaning or expressions of our lives. Before I started writing this entry, I had no idea of what i wanted to write,”I didn’t feel like it.” ……I thought, what do I need to remind myself and share that would keep me moving forward?

Your thoughts are always ready to be engaged!  EMR

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