The Difference Starts with You.

If not you, who? What change do you want to make in your life? As soon as you make up your mind to do so, then the difference in attitude starts with you. Do you want be more successful, make more money, loose more weight? Have you decided to make, move, maintain a decision in that direction? When you finally make up your mind, take 100% responsibility of your life in every possible, conceivable manner, then differences, change begin to occur. “Be the CEO of your Life” ..Peter Drucker. When we really look at all aspects of our life that we have complete control over, we are responsible for the results we are getting. What I read, what I drink, what  I watch on TV, what I listen to, who I listen to, what I allow people, places and circumstances to affect my mood, manner and method of behavior. My attitude  towards my positive response that makes a difference starts with me.  We are the difference. We make the difference. Be the difference in a progressive realization of what am I setting out to achieve or better in my life. What other people think is nice, but what you think about yourself, reflects the difference in your life. By placing more value on your own thoughts that lead to an enhanced way of being and living affects all the world in a positive light. A positive ripple affect, if you will. Be uniquely different in a harmonious kind of way! EMR

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