Best Version of Your Self

W hat are you seeking? Who are you? What are you trying to become? Better yet, what price are you willing to pay to develop the necessary skills, insights, habits to become the best version of yourself? Is what you do everyday in true alignment with your cor values? When a challenge or uncomfortable situation arises in your life, do you react or respond in the moment, and does the ideal situation bring out the best desired results?

The past is the past. There is no use in worrying about what has happened. If your past actions or in actions have caused a certain result now, deal with it. If you want a better result for the future, make the present moment, present day the best version of your “ideal” self. If you maintain a momentum at present with your best efforts, then surely you can expect better future results in your life. All this depends entirely up to you. What is most people’s highest goals? Happiness and peace of mind. Right, You truly have to continuously work on the best version of yourself, in doing so, more expansion and expression of you person hood will develop as well. There is no “stopping you” along the path of perpetual best improvement. You are in charge. Take Charge. This is a daily window of opportunity to create the circumstances you want, the skill level you desire. Name your motion and fill it with great emotion. I believe everyone has a true sense of what is the best version of one’s  self. Think about it during the day and think about it just before going to sleep. Let your mind think and ask the question: Is this really my best, am I applying my all? If I improved my self 1% every day I would expect to see a 365% improvement in a year! 🙂 The daily discipline is the KEY. Pick one area at a time in your life, that you want to improve upon and start from there. Don’t try to improve every single aspect of your life all at once. The more your self discipline becomes a habit, the more “locus of control” you have. The more you feel in control of every aspect of your life. The better you feel. The Best Version of Your Self will become automatic! EMR

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