The 100% Right Attiude, Right Now!

It isn’t always easy having the right attitude 100% of the time. Why not? What changes your attitude when situations, circumstances, events don’t go your way?

When in the moment, in the exact moment:before during and after, you are the one who has 100% control over your attitude in any and all events and happenings in your life. Having a positive mental attitude is great, knowing that you are, you have 100% complete control of your attitude awareness is even better. The more a person takes100% responsibility for their actions, their attitudes 100% of the time, the more likelihood of them developing the persistent right frame of mind towards all. When you embrace the day, the unknown, the uncertainties, but you have the right attitude, what makes all your encounters unique? You are, what you think about, you become what your attitude dictates. Is your attitude in the right place, are you responding to life or reacting to it? Is your attitude one of constant gratitude to raise your latitude? Like anything, it is learn-able by a conscious choice toward -it. You can always change your attitude. Remember the old saying from any parent: “You better change your attitude” Timeless wisdom, eh?

I can my attitude about anything. When you are faced with some challenges in your life: ask yourself- Is my attitude in align with the best version of myself, if not, how can I work on improving my present situation? It all lies within each and every individual. EMR

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  1. Bob Raymond says:

    awesome, only great positive thoughts can us one thought at time!

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