Today is A New Day

Today is a new Day! Thank you. Time to start again, get back on track, develop that momentum once again. Today I start a fresh. All my goals,  all my intentions, all my skills, all my mistakes, all my successes have brought me to where I am today. Every effort, every attempt, every missed shot, missed opportunity, has had a lesson, seed of success, seed of growth in it, whether I have realized it or not. Everyone of us gets a New day, every day we are alive to live it. What is your day going to be like? “go a head make my day” The choice is constantly yours in every action and every situation, every circumstance to make it count. This is your day, choose to be your best, make it your  most. It takes no more mental effort to aim for your goals than just letting them dry up on the vine of inspiration. Your positive mental garden has to be worked, tilled and root out negative thoughts or inactive thoughts to make those changes you know, you really want to make. Make up your mind to do what it takes, how to align your thinking towards the fruits of a positive mental attitude. Make it a “My Day” and share it with the world because deep down inside every one wants to see you shine, be your best and inspire them to be their best. Let’s all work on aspiring to inspiring others today, tomorrow – together. EMR

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