Success is in Service to Others!

May the momentum be with you. You are the creator of your own momentum. What you get started, see it through to completion. Your thoughts, your actions lead the way towards a continous awareness of maintaing a momentum. Do you ever start something than loose your mojo, momentum or desire to carry on?
Why? When you focus on the mutual benefit, the win/win of any situation the servanthood of success, this begins to reveal a secret of success, a momentum and maintaining the right attitude to keep moving forward.
Alexander The Great; as the story goes was once in battle and totally surrounded by the enemy(paraphrased)”we are now completely surrounded, now we can attack from every vantage point ” Do you feel totally surrounded by your challenges? Now you to can attack from any vantage point and turn it into an advantage, if so desired. Punch through it all by being a servant to what has to be done, by doing it right, with the right attitude. When you help others to succeed and serve them, your own successes will start to happen. EMR

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