M.ovement in the positive direction of a desired thought put into action. Maintaining a momentum “towards a progressive realization of a worthy goal or idea is paramount towards your success.”Earl Knightengale …… “Keep moving forward” Walt Disney.

O.ptimism is a chief elixcer towards moving yourself forward, when times are tough, necessity breeds creativity. Make no exceptions or excuses. Your the master of your destiny today & tomorrow.

T.ime is the same for everyone on the planet.  The difference of personal decisions made in 24 hours is what clarifies one’s reality.

I.magination is a storehouse of what can be, creative intention of what can possible become into reality is up to me.

V.arition of creative thoughts to move one forward towards their highest aim, today for tomorrow.

A.ction is the master Key to all success, fortune and fun. Act the way that reflects the best way you would like to be, even when you fall, pick yourself up again and act accordingly.

T.hinking in the way that is in harmony with the best that is within you. Think it through, determine the desire to make a difference, be the change and apply all that you know to make something happen for the better for yourself and all of humanity.

I.nner peace, harmony and health is what most people, I believe truly want in their lives. Are you winning the inner game of your life? Are you helping others along the way?

O.bserve everything you do, does it bring your life forward or backward? When you make up your mind to make any change in your life, you have shifted a way to make it happen.

N.ever ever give up. Your are created for a purpose. What is motivating you towards your purpose?

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