Being persistence in all your endeavours reaps the rewards you are after, today and tomorrow. By being passionate in your pursuit of worthy ideas and goals strengthens your resolve to attain them. Finding one’s purpose in all that you do brings you into the heart of the matter, which is really what only matters. I believe your passion has to be engaging in all that you do and set out to do. I feel that your persistence pays high dividends in every thing. I think that by being on purpose with your creative intentions to design the life you want, you think about, you actually deserve to be living makes it all worthwhile. We are a people of unique purpose on this planet, we all have passion, and persistence is a KEY to the changes we want to have in our lives. Never give up on your ideal state of being nor any of your goals. The opportunity is always present to make, be that difference for yourself and the world. This world needs you, today & tomorrow. EMR

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