The Philosophy of Motivation

The Greek word for philospohy is derived from; philos= love and sophia; wisdom.  So, the love of wisdom of Motivation.

What really motivates you?  As you know, I believe and think all true motivation first comes from within the individual. We all have learned behaviours, conditioned ways of thinking, programmed more or less to a certain degree about the life, circumstances and the general concepts of reality. We operate on paradgims of thinking and habits you could say. Love to change your results, your habits, your way doing things and ways of thinking about reality?     Hold the phone right there? 

 How motivated am I towards changing my present circumstances? How motivated am I in taking complete control of my mind in the morning to maintain a positve momentuum on a continous basis?  It is far better to challenge your own thinking on your own terms than adopt another opinion or group think about a particular way of doing things.  First, examine your state of awareness. Is what I’m thniking about something based on mere opinion, or something I just heard and have a adopted a certain viewpoint? Is this what I truly believe or have I been conditioned to think it is so? Is my motivation stronger to become more conscious aware of what my destiny, reality could possibly be? You are motivated by the degree you want to change something, accept something no longer and become that you are “willing” yourself to become. How Big is Your Motivation? How Lofty are your goals? Do you stay motivated long enough, strong enough, determined enough even when it appears, the support you desire is not there?  There is constant action in motivation. Your action, motivates you. Don’t you love it, when you see yourself or someone else really motivated. Stay clearly motivated towards your aims, goals, objectives. Think it, ink it, say it, believe it, and just go for it, in the spirit of right motivation. EMR

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