The 1% Rule.

The  1% rule can be applied to anyone, anywhere at anytime. Personal, team, staff, managemnent, industry, neighbour and nation. What is the 1% rule? Could you be a little more flexible with yourself? Would you want to change conditions a little bit better? Would you like to increase your quality, your productivity a bit more? Could your team focus a little be longer, better and more creative? Could you practice a little longer, stay some more time? Would you listen longer, talk a bit more, make a stronger point?

Apply yourself in all that you do by 1% more or 1% better. Just 1% it! When you really break it down, if I, we, you, your efforts are increased by just 1%, what variable change would that create? 1% more that’s it, to make a difference. One word more, one more call, one more minute of doing or listening is all it takes. 1% more doing. Start your next day, project, goal by adding 1% more to it, and see the difference it all makes. One day I asked all my staff if they would do 1% this day. Combined effort created a 20% more enhanced productivity by collecctively adding each person adding a 1% more team effort.  The 1% Rule is there for everyone today and tomorrow. EMR

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