Stay Focused – Stay the Course.

How focused are you? In your every day life, how focused do you try and stay before the same ‘ol way of doing things and routines kick in and take over? Did you know that if you applied a constant, consistent level up of focus you can change your daily momentum and rythum. A concentrated degree of conscious thinking by being super focused will enhance your day, your flow of motion during the day. How ever you begin your day, just stay focused aware of every action, every passing thought that comes and goes and be aware of you being,  aware of what you are actually doing and saying throughout the day. The intensity of your focus will be accerelating your actions by the staying the cousre of whatever it is your doing and setting your mind to do. Be focused always, ideally. Stay focused on the emotions your feeling and shift your level of perception by being more focused and not worrying about anything that would distract you from a positive flow of momentum to keep moving forward. Look at all situations intently, when someone speaks to you look them deeply in the eyes with a focus of ” I see you.”  See yourself in others, how would you do, say something better or more interesting?  By being a focused observer your engaging your life more, than just watching and waiting to see what happens next. Focus on the circumstances you want in your life. Stay the course on all your goals. You are the main focus to move your life forward…..EMR

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