Imagination – Intention – Creation

Is your imagination greater than knowledge? Are your intentions moving you forward? Does creation work with you? Are you influencing your life with the best that is within you? Everyone, everywhere has the power of creative imagination. When we want to intend something towards a particular end, the creative force within us is there for our momentum. When that flicker of an idea, spark of your imagination, that hunch, that gut feeling arises, go with it! Engage it, embrace it, think on it a bit more. There is more in the ethers all around us, to enhance the creative forces that keep expanding and expressing ideas, I think, I believe, I feel and it’s all good. What good are you doing today, to make a difference in somebody’s life or even your own. It’s up to you to use your imagination more, intend the best and create a better you for today & tomorrow.  Edward Michael Raymond

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Sales Manger / Jr. Partner Leisure Trailers Sales, Author, Speaker, Morinda
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