Tipping Point

What is your tipping point? I don’t mean at a restaurant. In your daily life, at work, at home, on a project, what is the point that makes you want to give, be, a little bit more, your best? Where is that ounce of one more inspiration coming from? What makes you want to give and be your best? Every one has a tipping point to make it happen a little bit better. Close the little doubt door in your mind, embrace the discipline door to open up the tipping point to make things happen. Make the outcome more enhanced. Every day presents itself a tipping point to make an opportunity better. Lean forward, goal for it, just tip in that direction of your desired outcome. Sometimes we rationalize ourselves out of it. Just do it, say it, be it. The tipping point can create a forward

My Summit to Conquer

momentum to better results every time. Know your tipping point and when it comes, engage it! EMR

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  1. Robert says:

    The point is excellent. Think about walking in your office or place of employment, you walk by and there’s paper of something on the floor. do you pick it up or just walk on by,…. not mine…..I didn’t drop it……..someone else will get…….the cleaning crew’s job. Well this is a reflection of who you are, think about if this were your own home what would you do? I ennjoy where I work because I take pride in what I do, I love my home and it’s a reflection of me! Everyday, everway we all together can improve by very small things that collectively add to more and more positive energies.
    Great site and book!

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