The Motivation Factor

There are many motivation factors. What is your primal motivation factor, to survive, right? Once your basic needs are met, what is your next motivation factor, shelter would you say? What is your social motivation factor, to be part of a group, a collective of social belonging, agree? There are needs we all have to meet, strive to obtain, try to understand, what is motivating us to do the things we do? I think, the more we examine what is truly motivating us, we can come to a greater understanding and clarity to the “whys” of certain motivations we experience on a daily basis. If you know your true motivations towards anything, you may enhance its outcome by being motivated for the right reasons. It is truly better to be motivated towards a fuller expression and expansion of life giving, than just selfish living. That goes for individuals, a community or a nation as well. What is the bigger picture? What can we all do that would benefit more people at the same time? The motivation factor is unique to every one, however, the more conscious you become of what is really motivating you to a certain end, is this what is really in alignment with the person I want to become?  The greatest version of yourself? Factor that in today! EMR

The Motivation Spiral

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