Developing Positive Mindsets for Every Day in Every Way!

New HorizonsEvery thing has to be developed. Your mindset is paramount to control and develop in a positive manner. When we begin our day, what are we feeding our mental mindset with? Negative news, great music, sounds of nature, postive affirmations, some meditaion, powerful prayers, arguing with a family member, reluctance to go to work, just another day attitude, same old…. you get the picture. Your mindset needs to be dialed in, dialed up to a positve setting to embrace the day, set your sails high, little bit of exercise,writng and or a journal, vision in and vision onward, what would I like this day to be like? Think it, ink it on paper, intent it for the best and engage your mindset to be more optimistic. Isn’t that worth it? This is your attitude to embrace your postive mindset. Your choice – your choosing! Think: “unstoppable,” “challenges create character,” “confidences enhances self-esteem,” “make everything win-win,” “how can I enhance this sitution, how can I contribute to this?” The more you are motivated to maintain a postive mental attitude towards all situations, people and life, your perception of reality will be for the better, not the worst. You have the creative edge, while looking for what is right with the world. Yes there are harsh realities, but don’t let that stop you becoming the best that is within you to make a postive difference in the world. EMR

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2 Responses to Developing Positive Mindsets for Every Day in Every Way!

  1. Michael says:

    I love the energy. We may not be able to control what goes on in our world…but we CAN control how we interpret it. Sometimes how we interpret and react can actually make a change.

  2. Edward says:

    Thank you. “Keep moving forward.” Walt Disney

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