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You and you alone have to learn how to motivate yourself the best. You can read, relate, engage, be encouraged by, inspired by, influnced by other people, but at the end of the day or the beginning of a new day, how you master your mind to motivate yourself is in your head, heart and hands. We are all here to support, encourage, inspire each other to aspire to more than what we presently are becoming. You are either growing or just existing. A mastermind concept can have many benefits. Your personal motivation fuels you to do what you do every day. Make your motives true, pure, life embracing and what benefits others. The difference, the change begins and ends with you. Are you motivated by power or purpose? Are you motivated by greed or need? Are you motivated by money or meaningful living & giving? Are you motivated by being the best character of your self or are you caught up in "this is just the way I am?" You have a mind to master, to move you, motivate you to become more, do more, be more. What draws out the best within you? Are you raising the bar in your life? Are you being more creative? Are you stepping out of a comfort zone? Is there more to motivate me into another perception of reality of purposeful living? Fight the good fight! Always keep moving forward and challenging your present thinking to be more motivated. More motivation is a good thing! Happy New Year! The year of the Dragon on a Chinese calendar. Life will go on after the Mayan Calendar runs out and ushers in a another new Year on the Gregorian calendar. I believe. The universe is constantly expanding. Are your motivations constantly expanding you? Be Motivated! EMR

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