Motivation of Life!

This is your life. Say what you want to say to that person in your life, now today! Be it your friend, brother, sister, husband, wife, nephew, niece or neighbour. It's too  late when they are gone. It's in our living years, our daily encounters that grants us the opportunity to express ourselves and touch some else's life. What are we all waiting for? The conditions will never be just right, except -Right Now-  Each day is a gifted opportunity to be, think, say and engage the motivation of life in you, through you and others. By working on our ideal self, and the best character of ourselves, it is  motivating a forward momentum of expression and expansion to be more, become more, achieve more, learn more, live more, experience more, read more, share more, believe more, hope for more, understand more, forgive more, be patient more, love more, value more. The motivation of life is in all of us to create more today, tomorrow together. EMR

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