Get out of the comfort zone!

Being in the zone is great, when focused and fully engaged. Acquiring the steadfast momentum is a constant to be reached for daily. Having a rhythm of making it count, being the difference is paramount towards steps of success.

When you find yourself in a "comfort  zone" you have to set your sails a little bit higher and adjust the direction. The comfort  zone attracts a letting up on the throttle of your life. Isn't better to go full throttle in creative ideas, and making a difference, personally & professional?

The comfort zone can be a lazy zone, lacks some challenge and discipline. One way out of the comfort zone is to be motivated towards doing something you have never done before, learned before or experienced before. Life lessons are to be learned at every corner, every opportunity and in every situation. Be open, be responsive, be challenged. Challenge yourself out of a comfort zone that does not reflect your ideal self, talent and skills. Only you know, when you are in a comfort zone of less & lack, not of growth & abundance.

Be the change, challenge, and  exercise dedicated discipline to your new way out of a comfort zone…… of just "good enough."

When you don't feel like doing something, mind over the emotion has to be engaged to make it happen. The uncomfortableness  reflects a willingness of change & growth, no matter what it is, to make it happen and transform it into a positive experience! EMR

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