Motivation of Peace

Something old, can become something new again. Peace from the past must be maintained for peace in the present and into the future. Are we motivated by need or greed, what benefits others or just ourselves, peaceful or not? The energy you put into being a peaceful person is far better than putting in no energy at all towards a worthy goal or cause. The meek seek peace. Do you seek peace, true peace of mind, peace of heart towards others? What is your motivation towards peace of neighbour, nation, other cultures or countries? The true motivation of peace is universal. Are your perspectives universal? Do you make peace with yourself, your peace of mind, your peace of attitude? When one is filled with a true sense of peace, their motivation towards others may be felt. What does everyone really want? Peace of mind. Peace of Heart. World Peace.  The peaceful process starts with you. Be an instrument of peace in whatever your do, wherever you go, however you communicate. The motivation of peace never tires, and only seeks greater expression and expansion.

Peace Be with you, today & always. Paz    EMR

People  Everywhere Always Care Eternally  = PEACE

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