Take Time!

Every thing takes time. The time it takes you to do one thing over another will have an impact on your results. The genuis of design inside a seed or sapling to create a tree is blessed in time. It takes no more effort nor time to say something good to someone than it's opposite. Time is relative to the person experiencing it. When you are having the time of your life, it flies by. When you are having the feeling of having to do something and not be totally engaed in the process, time can appear to moving slower. Time is perception based. If we all experience the same amount of time, how come some appear to get more things accomplised than others? It's their willingness to choose their time more constructively. You can choose to work on a skill, craft or art. You can choose to watch more TV or read a book. One will have a more positive impact on your life. "Moderation in all things" Aristotle.

Take time with your thoughts. Your actions will follow your thoughts. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Are you taking good care of your time? EMR

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