Friends Motivating Friends!

Who you gonna call? There are times in life, when a friend,  a voice of encouragement, a challenge comment that motivates you to action. Isn't all action, motivation in action, in some form or another? When we operate from our intellect, and not just when we feel like doing something,the motive force is there. A spark, a word, a look, a gesture, a splitting of an atom can have a motivating force. Friends motivate friends in big and small ways and every way counts! Always be thankful and grateful for those friends amongst us, that truly motivate us, even when, we begin to slide back a bit. We all do it. To motivate or not to be motivated, what is your motive? Move to make motions, to make a difference and stay motivated. Having good friends cheering you along the way, makes all the difference in the world. There are many ships in life! The greatest are true friendships!  Thanks for motivating me! EMR

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