Friends Motivating Friends!

Who you gonna call? There are times in life, when a friend,  a voice of encouragement, a challenge comment that motivates you to action. Isn't all action, motivation in action, in some form or another? When we operate from our intellect, and not just when we feel like doing something,the motive force is there. A spark, a word, a look, a gesture, a splitting of an atom can have a motivating force. Friends motivate friends in big and small ways and every way counts! Always be thankful and grateful for those friends amongst us, that truly motivate us, even when, we begin to slide back a bit. We all do it. To motivate or not to be motivated, what is your motive? Move to make motions, to make a difference and stay motivated. Having good friends cheering you along the way, makes all the difference in the world. There are many ships in life! The greatest are true friendships!  Thanks for motivating me! EMR

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Take Time!

Every thing takes time. The time it takes you to do one thing over another will have an impact on your results. The genuis of design inside a seed or sapling to create a tree is blessed in time. It takes no more effort nor time to say something good to someone than it's opposite. Time is relative to the person experiencing it. When you are having the time of your life, it flies by. When you are having the feeling of having to do something and not be totally engaed in the process, time can appear to moving slower. Time is perception based. If we all experience the same amount of time, how come some appear to get more things accomplised than others? It's their willingness to choose their time more constructively. You can choose to work on a skill, craft or art. You can choose to watch more TV or read a book. One will have a more positive impact on your life. "Moderation in all things" Aristotle.

Take time with your thoughts. Your actions will follow your thoughts. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Are you taking good care of your time? EMR

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Motivation of Peace

Something old, can become something new again. Peace from the past must be maintained for peace in the present and into the future. Are we motivated by need or greed, what benefits others or just ourselves, peaceful or not? The energy you put into being a peaceful person is far better than putting in no energy at all towards a worthy goal or cause. The meek seek peace. Do you seek peace, true peace of mind, peace of heart towards others? What is your motivation towards peace of neighbour, nation, other cultures or countries? The true motivation of peace is universal. Are your perspectives universal? Do you make peace with yourself, your peace of mind, your peace of attitude? When one is filled with a true sense of peace, their motivation towards others may be felt. What does everyone really want? Peace of mind. Peace of Heart. World Peace.  The peaceful process starts with you. Be an instrument of peace in whatever your do, wherever you go, however you communicate. The motivation of peace never tires, and only seeks greater expression and expansion.

Peace Be with you, today & always. Paz    EMR

People  Everywhere Always Care Eternally  = PEACE

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Get out of the comfort zone!

Being in the zone is great, when focused and fully engaged. Acquiring the steadfast momentum is a constant to be reached for daily. Having a rhythm of making it count, being the difference is paramount towards steps of success.

When you find yourself in a "comfort  zone" you have to set your sails a little bit higher and adjust the direction. The comfort  zone attracts a letting up on the throttle of your life. Isn't better to go full throttle in creative ideas, and making a difference, personally & professional?

The comfort zone can be a lazy zone, lacks some challenge and discipline. One way out of the comfort zone is to be motivated towards doing something you have never done before, learned before or experienced before. Life lessons are to be learned at every corner, every opportunity and in every situation. Be open, be responsive, be challenged. Challenge yourself out of a comfort zone that does not reflect your ideal self, talent and skills. Only you know, when you are in a comfort zone of less & lack, not of growth & abundance.

Be the change, challenge, and  exercise dedicated discipline to your new way out of a comfort zone…… of just "good enough."

When you don't feel like doing something, mind over the emotion has to be engaged to make it happen. The uncomfortableness  reflects a willingness of change & growth, no matter what it is, to make it happen and transform it into a positive experience! EMR

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Motivation of Life!

This is your life. Say what you want to say to that person in your life, now today! Be it your friend, brother, sister, husband, wife, nephew, niece or neighbour. It's too  late when they are gone. It's in our living years, our daily encounters that grants us the opportunity to express ourselves and touch some else's life. What are we all waiting for? The conditions will never be just right, except -Right Now-  Each day is a gifted opportunity to be, think, say and engage the motivation of life in you, through you and others. By working on our ideal self, and the best character of ourselves, it is  motivating a forward momentum of expression and expansion to be more, become more, achieve more, learn more, live more, experience more, read more, share more, believe more, hope for more, understand more, forgive more, be patient more, love more, value more. The motivation of life is in all of us to create more today, tomorrow together. EMR

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Motivation in Action

Your actions speak louder than your words. In every action step you take it re-affirms your words and confirms who you are, while developing to be the best person you can be. You can talk a good game, but can you play it. The armchair critic has the best advice for everyone and on everything. Would you agree?

 We can only solve the world's problems by rolling up or sleeves, getting our hands dirty and building those bridges that connect people, places, ideas and worthy goals by motivated action! When was the last time you were part of the solution and not part of the problem? When was the last time you were truly inspired to make a difference in the world? Why not now? Why not you? How BIG is your WHY? Are you working on the "best version of yourself" as Mathew Kelly would say. It all comes down to pure motivated action for the right reasons, to be the positive difference in your own life and somebody eles' The world needs you to be motivated and do your right actions always. Never give up, never stop trying, and constantly engage yourself to grow, know and shine on the world. EMR

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Your own motivation.

What is your purpose? Why are you here? What is your own motivation for doing what you do?

The time is now to realize that being passionate about your life is "purposeful living." Being here and now, to make the change, be the difference in the world needs' is paramount to your motivated purpose. A mind once expanded, an experience once obtained, a lesson once learned is all part of living a life of expression and expansion. Always try to be motivated for the right reasons, in the right time, in the right ways. Isn't it better to be positively motivated than negatively?

What the world needs now, is your right motivation for making a difference in someone's life!  Be the Motivator! Make your Motivation Move to create something new.  Go a head "Make my Motivation"  Have an awesome day! 🙂 EMR

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Motivation Dynamics

What is the number one thing that keeps you going, going and going? Everyone has certain dynamics they harness, they utilize to keep themselves moving forward. Is there a diamond in you dynamics? Is there dynamite in your actions, is there a purpose, passion and personal victory? Are you motivated by serving others or just letting someone else do it? The world is in need of more motivated individuals to better it's present state. Why aren't we all motivated for the common good, to live by the golden rule?

I believe if we are truly working on a personal motivation that makes a better person and we can inspire others to aspire to better themselves, that's a dynamic worth shooting for!!!!!!!!!!EMR

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Mastermind Motivation

You and you alone have to learn how to motivate yourself the best. You can read, relate, engage, be encouraged by, inspired by, influnced by other people, but at the end of the day or the beginning of a new day, how you master your mind to motivate yourself is in your head, heart and hands. We are all here to support, encourage, inspire each other to aspire to more than what we presently are becoming. You are either growing or just existing. A mastermind concept can have many benefits. Your personal motivation fuels you to do what you do every day. Make your motives true, pure, life embracing and what benefits others. The difference, the change begins and ends with you. Are you motivated by power or purpose? Are you motivated by greed or need? Are you motivated by money or meaningful living & giving? Are you motivated by being the best character of your self or are you caught up in "this is just the way I am?" You have a mind to master, to move you, motivate you to become more, do more, be more. What draws out the best within you? Are you raising the bar in your life? Are you being more creative? Are you stepping out of a comfort zone? Is there more to motivate me into another perception of reality of purposeful living? Fight the good fight! Always keep moving forward and challenging your present thinking to be more motivated. More motivation is a good thing! Happy New Year! The year of the Dragon on a Chinese calendar. Life will go on after the Mayan Calendar runs out and ushers in a another new Year on the Gregorian calendar. I believe. The universe is constantly expanding. Are your motivations constantly expanding you? Be Motivated! EMR

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Be the Change, part of the Force to make a positive Difference Today!

You are part of the change, the force, the difference. Never stop being you! The world needs different makers to a better world. EMR

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