Motivation – Inside Your Matrix!

Inside our mindset, we all think about things in an unique way. What develops from within an idea can create a new way of thinking. If we want to change our ways of thinking about something, we have to acknowledge it first.

Thinking in itself takes effort. Conscious thinking takes more focus to sustain what you are thinking about.  How do I want to change something about me? How can I change my perception of this person, situation, event?

To think positively takes earnest effort. Keeping yourself distracted is not thinking, it’s passing time without being on purpose. This is your Life. This is your thinking opportunity to be, create, change, better yourself, your circumstances, your/our world. Think about it! The time is now, not , “I will think about it later” 🙂

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What is You Biggest Motivator?

In your life, who motivates you the most? What really truly motivates you? How Big is your Motivation? How big is your WHY to stay motivated, stay your course? Are you truly in tune with  your own personal motivating factors? Do you get frusrtated quickly when things don’t go your way? Your internal motivating factors should keep you in a positive/peaceful mindset to stay focus. Daily challenges/circumstances are opportunities to work with your motivating factors. They are guiding you and developing you, if they aren’t, then you have to reflect on what are my motivating enhancers? When you know, you know that you know, what is your Biggest Motivating principle! Mine is the cosmic God force that premeates through all the ethers of the universe and is reflected in creation, and, I look for the Christ Consciousness in others. To love God with all your heart, mind & soul and love your fellow being as yourself. I am motivated towards peace & positivity even when, I feel weak and a bit off somedays. I think thats part of the journey. Our lives are on a journey of constant expression & exspansion, if we stay so motivated.

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Managing Motivation!

Does your motivation have to be managed? People are usually looking for some motivation! Are you consciousness of your motivation triggers? When you are aware of what motivates you and or demotivates ou, you have a choice. How will I manage my emotional, physical, mental, spiritual motivations? –> to “keep moving forward” keep getting a little bit better, adjusting my attitude to respond instead of react. Having a managing mental mindset takes effort, discipline and persistence to stay motivated. Manage the little motivators first, then the bigger ones. True motivation can take on a life force of it’s own. Are you motivating yourself to be the best motivator you can be for all your goals both Big & small. We have to continue to work with the divine law of motivation in all that we do. Whether we realize it or not, something is moving, motivating us. Our consciouness awareness & contribution to this is what makes all the difference in your life, our world. Are we working on our personal development for the better? Are we making a difference in our daily actions, community contributions, global awareness? Are you motivated to make an impact on the world? Tall Order! If not you, who? You are something far more special, powerful, insightful than you might presently beware of, be motivated towards that better version of your present self. Your thoughts & ideas in the right direction should motivate to ACTION. Action is the elxir to changing your results!

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Goal Motivation – What’s your Motive Mojo!?

Do you have a goal(s) in life that keep you motivated? What is the motive, desire to do, to be, to act, to create, to do the thing you really want to do? What’s the mojo?  We are all creative beings. It’s in our nature, our DNA, our genetic code, our mind, our heart, our soul! The more we realize, that the creation of something is from within, is part of our purpose, the more we  can affect good change, good artistic expression in the world. Create the circumstances you want in your life. Don’t wait until you try and figure everything out. Your Goals are part of your purpose. Your purpose is part of your passion. Challenge yourself out of a comfort zone by having a Goal SO Big, that it excites you and scares you at the same time. “Adler” said that last part. Everyday take a a step towards a big goal. Make an action towards the change you want in your life, in health, wealth, success, a relationship. Always be yourself in your goal action. Go Big! Go Long! Go Deep! Just GO For it! 🙂A

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Motivation – Action

Ethers in the UniverseThe concept of motivation has to be instilled and imbedded with action towards its attainment. If you are really motivated, you will act. You might not have a choice but to act toward something more positive or a desired outcome towards changing a circumstance in your life. Action is pro-creative, by it’s nature. We are creative beings. Actions speak louder than words, always have, always will.Are your actions reflective of your best? Are you motivated by right intent, good intent or selfishness. We can all relate to that, at one time or another. Each day, is an action adventure, motivation maze. Do it, Be it, Act it, Live it! EMR

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It will become actual, usable land as when the track was there

The two videos that follow are from those events and are a must see for all who have any questions or concerns about Sulfide Mining in our region. Dr. Frelich taught us about the delicate balance of the forest and lakes in our region and noted that the Boundary Waters is a world known and highly valued scientific baseline as research tool that benefits this region and the world.

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The fans spoke, and we happy to reflect their will

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He was a member of the Class of 1959 Reunion Committee for

former mountie charged with fraud

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Themal, Oakley, according to The Guardian, “stole the show”

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