Hello , Edward, Some of the responses of:

Personal Motivations , “Organized and Knowledgeable” “Very Comfortable and Open to Communicating”

Positive Mindsets, “ Enjoyed the Whole Presentation” “Real Good”

Miigwech (thank you), from Darryl Blackbird, C.M.H.W





Dear Edward:

On behalf or our wonderful experiment in Seniors education, ElderCollege, and on my own behalf, I very much want to thank you for all your efforts, time, energy and enthusiasm you offered to ElderCollege.

Those such as yourself, who have contributed to ElderCollege this Semester, have helped make the ElderCollege dream a reality for so many people. We have opened new “idea opportunities” and offered social occasions all of which benefit our modestly older community.
I thank you most sincerely for all you have done to assist ElderCollege and I hope your enthusiasm can be counted upon in future. And I hope it has been as much fun for you as it has been for me. Almost all ideas for ElderCollege Courses seem to work and that has been such a rewarding result.
All the very best wishes and Thank You for all you have done. 2013/ 2014



Dr. C. Lloyd Brown-John,
Director, Canterbury Eldercollege,, and,
Professor Emeritus, Public Administration,
Department of Political Science, 1533 Ravine Line Rd.,
University of Windsor, KINGSVILLE, ON., CDA
Windsor, ON, N9Y 2W8
Canada N9B 3P4
Tel: 001 (519) 253-3000 Ext.: 4944
Home: 001 (519) 322-4566
Email: lbj@uwindsor.ca,


Edward is an experienced Toastmaster who spoke at our PACKED open house in Warren, Michigan in April 2010. His topic was a great draw for job seekers and helped us in planning and running a successful event. Edward’s presentation was well received by all attendees. We received many comments with positive feedback. I would recommend Edward as a speaker for any event.” Brenda Meller (Zawacki)Edward


“CONGRATULATIONS” on your success. This is fabulous and I am very proud of you. Your website looks amazing and very professional.  Keep the faith and wishing you much more success in the future.  Smiles, Lynn Fitzimmonds


Edward’s presentation to my sales group at January’s kickoff meeting was both “ engaging and sincere.”

Mark Sylvester    Vice President Sales   

TST Expedied Services   A TransForce Company


Edward engaged our Rotary Club members in discussion that focused on helping us maintain positive moral within the Club. We all need a reminder once in a while that volunteering is important and so is the great work that we do as Rotarians. Thanks Edward for encouraging us to lead with our hearts.


Phyllis Charbonneau

Office Manager
p. 519.977.1611 x 101
f. 519.977.9036

Hi Edward

Just finished reading your book How Good Do You Want It? Very good book, simple to read and right to the point. I have passed the word to some of my friends and will be giving it to my kids to read also. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world and all your positive vibes. We need more motivational writers like yourself.

Have a nice day!

Rachelle Tremblay

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