A Dictionary of Islam by Thomas Patrick Hughes

By Thomas Patrick Hughes

This is often the single finished Dictionary of Islam to be had in English being a cyclopaedia of the doctrines, rites, ceremonies, and customs including the technical and theological phrases of the Islamic religion.

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1810. Francis Johnson's Persian- Arabic-English. D. 1852. and EnglishCatafago's Arabic-English Arabic, new edition, IS7:'>. d. 1803 to 1882. imperfect. Dr. d. 1881. Dr. D. 1882. AL-A'RAF The (1) (^V^^). partition between heaven and hell, described '• Betwixt the two in the Qur'an, Surah vii. ' (but) they have not (yet) entered it, although they so desire. tli tho blessed from the damned by their rospcc; live marks or characteristics: and others say Iho word properly intends anything that is rkvdteiL as such a wall of separation must Some imagine it to bo su])posed to be.

And being at the same time unwilling to depart from his promise, or to retract his gift, he gives some of the dates that have already been pulled m lieu of those upon the tree. (Baillie's Late of Sale, p. ) )ialm-tree in his garden: NOAH'S It is ARK, (cy ^^). mentioned in the history of the Deluge, as recorded in the Qur'an, in two places Surah xi. 39, " Build the ark imder our eye and after our revelation," and Surah xxiii 27. There is also supposed to be an allusion to the ark in Surah xxxvi.

A HOUSE Owen Alhambra Palace, Her- Jones's semers Arabische 'ARlYAH ARMS, The Sale of. The sale of armour or warlike stores to rebels, or in their camp, is forbidden, liecause selling arms into IN PESHAAVAR. ') (^^c). A kind of sale Islam, namely, when a person fomputes what quantity of fruit there is on a (Mishtree and sells it before it is plucked. permitted kdt, sii. c. '/. the loan of a horse is ^Ani/afi; (2) A gift, of the loan "of money is Qarz. A person which the following is an example makes a gift to another of the dates of a : — but having afterwards some doubt of the propriety of that person coming daily to his garden where his family usually are.

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