A New Heart and a New Soul: Ezekiel, the Exile and the Torah by Risa Levitt Kohn

By Risa Levitt Kohn

This ebook examines intimately the presence of priestly and Deuteronomic language and ideas within the publication of Ezekiel. It asks: what's the nature of the connection among Ezekiel and the Priestly resource? what's the nature of the connection among Ezekiel, Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomistic background? the place does the publication of Ezekiel stand within the evolution of Israelite background, theology and literature-specifically, and what can Ezekiel educate us in regards to the composition of the Torah?

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538. For a specific list of how Ezekiel updates P's laws see Kaufmann, Toledot, III, pp. 567-73. 75. Kaufmann, Toledot, III, p. 535. 76. Kaufmann, Toledot, III, pp. 533-34; "The idea that Ezekiel fathered the theocratic polity of later Judaism is absurd' (Kaufmann, Religion, p. 433). 77. Kaufmann, Toledot, III, p. 538. 78. Kaufmann, Religion, pp. 434-35 (Kaufmann, Toledot, HI, p. 538). 79. See Die geschichtlichen Bticher, pp. 81-83. 80. Horst, Leviticus xvii-xxvi und Hezekiel (Colmar: Earth, 1881), pp.

45, 46; Lev. 31; Num. 7, 9). It does not occur elsewhere in the HB. P portrays Yahweh as dwelling among the Israelites in the Tent, in the Israelites' camp, and in the land itself. In addition, the term 'among you' is also used once with reference to the pEJD (Lev. 31). This portrait of Yahweh's presence is exclusive to P and Ezekiel. In Ezekiel, 'among you' on its own refers to the location of Yahweh's Sanctuary (Ezek. 26, 28). ] the Israelites' eternally (Ezek. 7, 9). Yahweh is portrayed as returning to the Temple only in Ezekiel's Utopian vision (40—48).

7, 8); -ETTp Dtf alone appears in Ezek. 25. This expression is not found elsewhere in the HB. P warns against the profanation of 'Yahweh's holy name' with two direct prohibitions (Lev. 2,32) and the penalty for doing so (Lev. 3). 2. The verse concludes, 'I will be their God, and they will be my people', an expression found in both P and D. Notably, it follows 'my Tabernacle' in Lev. 11-12. 3. Friedman, WWTB, p. E. Friedman, 'Tabernacle', ABD, VI, pp. 292-300. The term never occurs in E with the first person suffix.

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