A new strategy for alkane oxidation with O2 using by Ishii Y., Sakaguchi S.

By Ishii Y., Sakaguchi S.

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32 Mic THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY for supply on fixed points, usually magazines located in fortresses. But these vital points, their works now constructed on the multibastioned design, the so-called Italian trace, no longer could be rapidly reduced by artillery. They had to be formally besieged, a lengthy process requiring heavy artillery, much ammunition, and stores. Whole campaigns came to revolve around sieges, considered more important than battles in the field and now also far more numerous, even in the records of commanders wishing to fight in the open.

Feld, "Middle-Class Society and the Rise of Military Professionalism: The Dutch Army 1 5 8 9 - 1 6 0 9 , " Armed Forces and Society 1 (1975), 428-29, 4 3 7 - 3 8 . The standard treatment remains Werner Hahlweg, Die Heeresreform der Oranier und die Antike (Berlin, 1 9 4 1 ) , zo-23, 1 9 1 - 9 6 . " This was not just a dislike of combat. During the earlier sieges in the Low Countries Dutch burgher militias had fought well enough, but maritime trade and the growing navies had first call on native manpower.

ROTHENBERG T H E C O N C E P T of a "military revolution" in Europe during the early modern era has come to be generally accepted. There is, however, disagreement about the exact time frame of this development. " 1 On the other hand, while agreeing that many of the elements of the military revolution, including the rise of infantry, the widespread adoption of firearms, and the rapid evolution of fortifications capable of withstanding the new artillery, had already made their appearance by the end of the fifteenth century, other historians have argued that the most important component of this revolution, the emergence of professional standing armies, took place later, between 1560 and 1660.

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