Abu Hanifah. His Life, Legal Method & Legacy by Mohammed Akram Nadwi

By Mohammed Akram Nadwi

Abu Hanifah Nu'man ibn Thabit used to be one of many maximum pioneers within the heritage of Islamic legislations, quite in felony reasoning. The Hanafi criminal institution that he based has turn into the main greatly one of the world's Muslims. in line with fundamental assets, this research of the existence and legacy of Abu Hanifah additionally surveys the evolution of Hanafi criminal reasoning (fiqh) in several areas of the Islamic international and assesses its ancient distinctiveness.

Mohammed Akram Nadwi is a examine fellow on the Oxford Centre for Islamic experiences, and is the writer of numerous works together with al-Muhaddithat: the ladies students in Islam (2007).

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I took up my shoes and joined Ḥammād’s class. (Baghdādī, Tarīkh, xiii. 333) Abū Ḥanīfah thus turned from specializing in kalām to specializing in fiqh. 1 TRAINING IN FIQH When Abū Ḥanīfah decided to learn fiqh, he chose Ḥammād ibn Abī Sulaymān al-Kūfī (d. 120) as his teacher. Ḥammād was a famous imām and the acknowledged master of fiqh in Kufah. He had heard ḥadīths from Anas ibn Mālik, Ḥasan al-Baṣrī, Saīd ibn Jubayr, Abū Wāil, Saīd ibn al-Musayyab, Āmir al-Shabī and Abdullāh ibn Buraydah. He studied fiqh with Ibrāhīm al-Nakhaī, accompanied him as his most prominent student, and succeeded as the head of his school after his death.

The most eminent among those appointed by him were Abū l-Dardā in Syria, and Abdullāh ibn Masūd in Kufah. The Muslims of the different regions followed the Companion teachers of their cities in recitation of the Qurān, and the rites of worship, and also in the moral and legal ordering of their everyday transactions. Given the speed and the scale of expansion, it was inevitable that the Companions faced situations that elicited different responses from them. This was in part because they were acting in different localities, in part because their individual efforts of conscience and reason were, though equally dedicated, differently attuned to Qurān and Sunnah.

It appears that, for a time, he broke off his studies of the ḥadīth and fiqh in order to help his father in his business. Then an incident happened that changed the direction of his life. He recounts it himself: One day, I passed by [Āmir] al-Shabī who was seated. ’. I named a merchant whom I was going to see. ‘I did not mean [your going to] the market,’ al-Shabī said. e. of the religion] and sit in the company of learned men. ’ His advice struck my heart, and I left off turning to the market, and turned to learning.

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