"Algunos aportes de Mario Crocco a la neurobiología y by Contreras, Norberto César

By Contreras, Norberto César

Aspectos físicos de l. a. conexión entre psiquismo y cerebro ("alma" y cuerpo) y los angeles producción de emociones, en l. a. más importante tradición neurobiológica iberoamericana; énfasis en física contemporánea. Resumen de una de las líneas de trabajo científico divulgada por The MIT Press ese mismo año (2008), desarrollada en el medical institution Borda (Buenos Aires), donde l. a. tradición originada hacia 1767 está activa desde 1899 (Monumento Histórico Nacional) y shapeó más de 4500 profesionales de los angeles medicina, ciencias naturales y filosofía, con fuerte militancia sociocultural y conceptos independientes de l. a. ciencia angloestadounidense (consciousness studies). Incluye una reproducción de l. a. primera patente del mundo por un organismo vivo synthetic (hoy hay miles) que facts de 1976 y fue otorgada por Su Majestad los angeles reina Isabel de Inglaterra a un científico del Borda.

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96 This common purpose, he went on to say, related to “the people – that is, not . . ”97 The issues were both the state and the race. The idea was that both state and race represented collectivities in which individuals were only parts of an all-encompassing whole. 98 To illustrate inspiration from Spann’s sociology in von Verschuer’s short book, Spann’s two works may be cited briefly. His Gesellschaftslehre postulated that society, as an entity of holistic force, embraced and incorporated individuals as elementary units.

Are the complicated products of . . social quackery . . now buttressed by habit, fashion, prejudice, platitudinarian thinking, and new quackery in political economy and social science. . ”70 The latter was destined to “minding one’s own business”71 which, in turn, assured continuous progress in civilization. The struggles and sufferings of past generations, Sumner maintained, had made modern civilization possible. Now the duty of our time was not to break the cycle of Nature. Because solely through heredity, based on competitive adaptation to environment, could racial survival be secured.

The somewhat mystifying terminology in which he addressed categories of thinking not as cognitive but intuitive concepts anticipated some of the philosophical ruminations which a decade later became the kind of philosophy the Nazis welcomed. 101 All three, although primarily state and race, he warned, were in constant danger of deterioration: “If race degenerates, culture dies. . If the state withers, viz. , as he 99 100 101 102 Spann, Gesellschaftslehre, p. 267. , p. 254 (my translation). In German: “Jede geschichtliche und lebendige Gesellschaft beruht darauf, daß sie sittlich Schlechtes niederh¨alt und dar¨uber hinaus noch alle ihr feindlichen Wertsysteme b¨andigt, daß sie nur durch unaufh¨orlichen Sieg besteht, indem sie, wie Schelling einmal von der g¨ottlichen Ordnung im Weltall sagte, u¨ ber Schrecken thront.

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