An-Nawawi's Forty Hadith by Sheikh An-Nawawi

By Sheikh An-Nawawi

This small ebook includes forty well known Ahadith amassed by way of Imam An-Nawawi which won acceptance via centuries. Hadith is any documented narration, motion, or approval/disapproval of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

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This isnād is weak, indicating a practice that earned al-Barqī a poor reputation among Twelver Shiʿi tradition experts. 15. Al-Kulaynī’s text reads dhākiran; yet parallel pieces reported in slightly later works by Ibn Bābawayh in ‘Ilal al-sharāʾī’, ed. M. S. Baḥr al-ʿUlūm (Najaf, 386/966), bāb 9, p. 03 2, 3 karim douglas crow and bāb 96, pp. 08–09, no. 6, Ibn Shuʿba al-Ḥarrānī, Tuḥaf al-ʿuqūl, ed. M. H. al-Aʿlamī (Beirut, 969; repr. 974), p. 260, read dhakiyyan (see below). This latter reading finds support in the treatment of a similar pentad of perceptive powers in a work ascribed to al-Ḥakīm al-Tirmidhī; see Ghawr/al-Aʿdaʾ, pp.

Bibliography of the works of hermann landolt 996 Editor of Section on ‘Muslim Mystics’, in Howard M. ), An Anthology of Islamic Studies, Volume II (Montreal, 996) ‘Prayer and the Mystical Life in Islam’, in Howard M. ), An Anthology of Islamic Studies, Volume II (Montreal, 996), pp. 20–23 [= English version of ‘La prière et la vie mystique (Islam)’, see above 988]. ‘The role of Sufism in the World of Islam’, in Howard M. ), An Anthology of Islamic Studies, Volume II (Montreal, 996), pp. 09–.

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